Rent a Boat in Ibiza with just one Click

Renting a boat in Ibiza to enjoy a few days has never been so easy with, with just a few clicks you can make your dream of sailing the coasts of Ibiza and Formentera come true in a boat at your disposal and that only you manage, you can rent it for a day or several days if you want.

Nothing compares to the experience of spending a few days on board a boat touring the coasts, exploring new places and corners that are only accessible by boat, relax, forget the stress of daily life, the city and devote time for you and your welfare.

You will have the advice of professionals who have over fifteen years of experience in boat rentals, have a wide variety of boats for rent in Ibiza, such as: motorboats, sailing boats, catamarans, yachts, luxury superyachts and a large boat for those special events.

Just look for the charter boat that best suits your needs and budget, if you do not have knowledge or experience in sailing do not worry, as you also have the option to rent a skipper, so the skipper will take care of the navigation and you will have more time to relax and enjoy. If you want to spend a luxury holiday aboard a yacht, don’t miss the opportunity to rent this unbeatable Fjord 40 in Ibiza at an incredible price, or this Van Dutch 40 style boat.

Rent a Van Dutch Ibiza boat

If you are concerned about safety or any unforeseen event that may occur on board, you have the option of taking out insurance, among the recommended are: employer’s liability insurance, travel cancellation insurance, guarantee insurance, medical insurance abroad and accident insurance.

Reasons for Renting a Skippered Boat

Renting a skippered boat in Ibiza offers certain advantages, as it is the easiest way to enjoy your trip, as well as having the opportunity to learn from the hand of a professional sailor, so you will be more relaxed on board.

The skipper has the necessary experience and is also responsible for everything; he has the qualification that will allow him to sail in motor boats or sailing boats of different lengths, as well as the physical and mental conditions that are needed to sail safely.

He has knowledge of naval technology, communications and maneuvers, the skipper will be responsible for the ship at all times, this will give you more time to enjoy on board, take some photos, take a sunbath, practice some nautical activities, or read a book.

In addition you must consider that beyond the experience, the skipper knows coves or beaches that are very attractive and are not crowded, and in some cases even solitary, a good skipper will be willing to share his knowledge, he can even give you recommendations on places or restaurants to visit.

Many boats have a small kitchen where it is possible to prepare some food, if you are lucky and your skipper knows how to cook, you will have a great banquet on board, since the skippers are great chefs of the sea, they just have to agree and prepare delicious delicacies of the sea.

These are the main advantages of renting a skippered boat on the coasts of Ibiza and Formentera, in addition the main objective is that you enjoy your holidays to the fullest.